Inhibitor of gibberellin biosynthesis in ornamental chili peppers

Aline NS Gonçalves, Sylvana Naomi Matsumoto, Paula Acácia S Ramos, Paula S Matos, Tâmara M Silva, Luanna F Pereira, Anselmo Eloy S Viana, Carmem LL Brito, Suzany L Aguiar


The objective was to evaluate whether the inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis affects morphophysiological traits of ornamental Capsicum baccatum and Capsicum annuum cultured in pots under shade house conditions. Plants mantained in 2.7L pots were laid out in a completely randomized design, in a 2x4 factorial: two chili pepper cultivars and four PBZ concentrations (0; 25; 50; and 75 mg L-1), with four replicates. At 30, 45 and 60 days after treatment, the plants were analyzed and data were submitted to analysis of general and regression variance. Gibberellin biosynthesis inhibition affects the morphophysiological and biochemical evaluations. For most evaluated traits, no interaction between factors was observed suggesting that both chili pepper cultivars have a similar response to the growth regulator. PBZ-induced inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis improves plant water status, which enhances vigor of potted chili pepper plants. The drastic reduction of upper leaves promoted by plant growth regulador in comparison to basal ones impact negatively to visual of ornamental aspect of cv. Chapéu-de-frade peppers



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