Deep Planting Improved Stem Roots, Flower Yield and Quality of Orienpet and LA Lilies

Muayyad Bany Hani, Yahia Othman, Malik Ajlouni, Tala A’saf


The objective of this study was to assess the effect of different planting depths (5, 15, and 25 cm) on morphology, leaf-level physiology (chlorophyll content index, and gas exchange), root growth (stem and basal) and flower quality of Orienpet and LA lilies. Three hybrid lilies [Lilium × elegans; Orienpet (‘Maytime’, white) and LA (‘Fangio’, pink and ‘Pavia’, yellow)] were used. Deep planting (25 cm) significantly improved stem root system and leaf area. No significant differences were noticed between planting depths for plant height, stem diameter, chlorophyll content, and gas exchange. Flower quality variables, specifically, vase life from deep planting was higher than shallow (5 cm). The Orienpet ‘Maytime’ cultivar had higher leaf area, stem roots, flower diameter, number of days to flowering, and brighter color (L*) while the LA ‘Fangio’ had higher leaf number per plant, basal roots, flower number per plant, vase life, red color coordinate (a*). Overall, our results revealed that lily growers can increased their lily flower quality by adopting the deep planting (25 cm), a very simple and inexpensive method.



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