Shade nets and mulching: growth, development and quality of gladiolus stems

Dislaine Becker, Dalva Paulus, Leosane Cristina Bosco


The objective of this work was to characterize the growth, development of plants and the quality of the floral stems of gladiolus cultivated under shade nets and mulching, in different growing seasons. Field experiments were carried out in four growing seasons. The gladiolus cultivar White Goddess was grown in beds with natural mulching and without mulching. The shade nets used were 35% shading, in black, silver, red and without shade net (witness). Evaluations of growth, plant development and quality of floral stems were carried out. Shade nets and the use of soil cover promote better growth than plants exposed to full sun. Gladiolus development is influenced by temperature conditions, responding to growing seasons and shade nets. In the cultivation in red shade net, the plants presented greater rachis length, and greater final number of forests. In times and regions with risk of damage from temperatures above 35ºC, the use of silver and red shade nets reduces damage to flower stems.



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