Antioxidant profile of fourteen varieties of hot and sweet peppers by two extraction methods

Mercedes Georgina Ramirez-Aragon, Enrique Troyo-Dieguez, Pablo Precuado-Rangel, Victoria Jared Borroel-Gsarcia, Edgar Miguel Garcia-Carrillo, Jose Luis Garcua-Hernandez


Chili peppers are among the most important vegetables in the world. The demand of this fruit reveals a noticeable rapid increasing, which importance is mainly due to its nutraceutical composition. These fruits are rich in capsaicinoids, phenolic compounds, carotenoids, and others, including vitamins. In this study, a comparative evaluation between two extraction methods of bioactive compounds of fourteen different varieties of chili pepper was performed. Two extraction methods for antioxidants were evaluated, the time-solvent and the ultrasound. Results showed that the phenolic compounds oscillated between 48.7 - 634.1 mg GAE 100 g-1 DW, the flavonoids content varied from in 1 - 97 mg QE 100 g-1 DW, the antioxidant activity from 65 – 348 µmol trolox g-1 DW and the capsaicin content oscillated from 0.3 to 922 mg 100 g-1 DW. The extraction method with higher values of bioactive compounds for each of chili pepper types was the ultrasound for all the measured variables.



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